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The A22L2 can go everywhere !

Présentation du A22L2

The A22L2 is the last version of the A22 in his microlight class : more than 550 microlight aircrafts have been already manufactured, and more than a thousand aircrafts, all versions included, have been manufactured worldwide.

Restricted in France at 472.5 kg MTOW, the A22L2 was designed and certified abroad to 600kg as a MTOW.

This microlight can be equipped from factory with the Magnum safety system 601 S-LSA able to carry 620kg.

The aircraft is robust, reliable and easy to fly. The A22L2 is a bit like the swiss army knife of the microlight world with a very large flight envelope with possibilities for efficients training flights as a basic model or navigation flights with Glass Cockpit Dynon Skyview EFIS with Auto Pilot or even glider towing or mountain flights on unprepared strips.

The A22L2 airframe is made of aluminium and the external finishing is impressive.

Wings and controls, also made of aluminium, are covered (only vertical and horizontal fixed control are not) with a Diatex EV3 1500 cover known to be robust with time.

The aircraft is equipped with 90L (89L usable) fuel tanks fitted in the wings. In option there is a “long range” fuel tanks increasing the fuel capability to 144L giving 3 more hours for the endurance.

With a robust fixed tricycle landing gear shocks absorbers are simple and robust.

The nose landing gear, with hydraulics shockes absorbers is linked to the rudder and the wheel is 600*6 standard but Tundra Wheel comes as an option.

The aircraft is powered with the famous, reliable and efficient Rotax 912 80 HP that contribuates a lot to the low operating cost. The Rotax 912 100 HP comes as an option. The A22L2 can be powered as well with the injected Rotax 912 iS 100 HP.

The propeller is a three blades composite prop from KIEV PROP company with variable pitch on ground. Three blades composite prop from E-PROP ou DUC are also available options.

The cabine, spacious and confortable, has doors with large domed canopies moving up when opening, very useful for easy bording. The windows provides with an incredible view for an high-wing aircraft.

Doors are available with little airventilation windows or large one very useful for aerial photography work.

Seats are confortables and the harness as seatblets provides with optimal safety.

Aircrafts controls are nicely designed via a central Y stick where is fitted the brake lever available for both pilots, and a BERINGER kit is also available as an option. Brakes are hydraulics.

The A22L2 is fitted with two engine lever, one flaps lever, carb heat and one parking brake (if option is installed).

In option Aeroprakt provide as well with a very competitif price a control system for disabled persons.

Rearding the engine instuments, the A22L2 can be equipped with the Rotax Flydat which is a digital engine instrument reader easy to use which will save a lot of space on the flightdeck. It does provide with data from previous fligths as well.

On the avionics side, the standard version is equipped with VHF Filser 8,33 Khz. It can be equipped with two voices intercom with independant squelch and volume setting, VHF Trig TY 91 (8,33 kHz) and a transponder Trig TT 21. Dynon suit is also available and specialy the Dynon skiview with PFD, MFD and auto pilot.

A remarkable versatility:

As said before the A22L2 is available with small, average and big wheels allowing to land in any type of terrain.

A ski and float kit is also available allowing to complete his versatility.

The A22L2 can do banner and glider towing.
In glider towing configuration the A22L2 is good with both an old and light or modern glider such as an Nimbus 4D or ASH 25. The A22L2 has been tested at Saint Auban aifield and tests have shown performances as good as a DR400-180 for an impressive low operating cost.
This microligth is clearly less powered, but beeing much more lighter, the weight/power ratio is impressive.

Finally, this robust aircraft is capable of a lot of things according the options fitted on it, bu you will always have:

  • Excellent fligths qualities and easy flying,
  • Excellent manufacturing qualifties,
  • Prices are very competitive in regards to the quality and equipements,
  • And a very good technical support.

You can download the A22L2 presentation brochure hereby (French version): A22L2 – Plaquette